Today, I am thankful, once again, for friends. That is common theme for me because I need good friends. I’m thankful for friends I can call or text when I’m triggered. I’m thankful for the safety of friends with whom I can share the journey and the struggle. I’m thankful for friends I can let know what is going on who will listen and pray with me. One of the greatest weapons God has given me is the ability and opportunity to commit to my friends and hold myself accountable to them.

My goal today is to hold myself accountable to my friends. Over the years, I’ve learned when I’m going to slip or relapse. It always begins with being dishonest to my friends or with simply choosing not to reach out to them. The moment I start thinking, “I don’t need to call them for this,” I know exactly where that is going to lead. My goal today is to reach out no matter what.

Holy God, thank You for my friends. Thank You for being my friend. Thank You for being my Father. Strengthen me and discipline me to rely on the friends and counselors you have placed in my life. I am all Yours today; do with me as You will.

Please, in order to encourage your fellow travelers, share your gratitude, goals, and prayers for this weekend in the comments section below.

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