We give clinical options for Christians who need counseling.

Psalm 40:2

Who We Are

Our goal is to give clinical options for Christians who need various levels of counseling.
Leaving The Pit Behind (LTPB) is a nonprofit 501c3 Mental Health and Addiction Services organization that makes high-quality, low-cost healthcare accessible to Christians. We offer an online forum called Peer Support, and an online classroom called The Academy. Your donations help LTPB provide the life-changing, essential counseling, and coaching healthcare services that many Christians desperately need but cannot afford.

Our Specialties

Today with the help of many volunteers with dedicated hearts, seminars and retreats on numerous topics have been presented in eight states in the US. Christians from various states have traveled to these seminars and retreats to gain the knowledge to help their brethren back home. Leaving the Pit Behind has traveled and provided services to Canada; Czech Republic; Cullman, Alabama; Tampa, Florida; and Houston, Texas and hope to travel to other locations to serve Christians.

Leaving the Pit Behind can offer counsel in the following areas:

  • Drug Abuse
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Prescription Drug Abuse
  • The Addicted Family
  • Food Addictions (What’s eating you?)
  • Pornography (Sexual) Addiction)
  • The Betrayed Spouse
  • Relationship Addiction
  • Gambling
  • Tobacco
  • Anger Addiction
  • Digital Addiction (Electronics)
  • Character Defects that Invite Addiction
  • Help for Addicted Families
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Environments of Addiction and Recovery

Leaving the Pit Behind can offer counsel in the following areas:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief/Loss
  • Dealing with Difficult People (Disordered Personalities)
  • Living with the Past
  • Divorce Recovery
  • Conflict Resolution
  • On the Porch with Jesus
  • Beyond the Mask
  • Identifying obstacles to spiritual growth

  • Supporting the Depressed

  • The Onion – Layers of same issues – Life After Trauma

  • Managing Anger Before it Manages You

  • Abuse (Domestic Violence, Spousal/Date/Elderly Abuse)

  • Bible Tools for Recovery

  • My Body –Your Vehicle to Express Your Soul

  • Human Trafficking

  • Depression – Stuck in the Dark

Leaving the Pit Behind can offer counsel in the following areas:

  • The Addicted Family
  • Guidelines for Healthy Families
  • Raising godly Children
  • The Perfects
  • Equipping Women as Spiritual Coaches
  • Supporting Members and their Families
  • Divorce Recovery
  • Grandparents Raising their Grandchildren
  • Secrets of Strong Families
  • Abuse in the Home (domestic violence)
  • Intimacy in Marriage
  • Blended Families
  • Parenting – Ten Virtues of Parenting
  • Raising Godly Children
  • The Betrayed Spouse
  • Achieving Marital Harmony
  • Help for Addicted Families

Leaving the Pit Behind can offer counsel in the following areas:

  • The church as a recovery network
  • Creating a Welcoming Church
  • Helping Members Problem Solve
  • Supporting those Who Struggle
  • Identifying Obstacles to Spiritual Growth
  • Knowing when and where to Refer
"Art Adams' reputation had preceded him. I was aware of Art’s availability and when our organization needed a social services director and program manager to work with those in recovery who were also homeless, there was no question about who I wanted to join our team. Art and I served as colleagues for more than two and half years and questions about making the right choice in hiring him never entered my mind. His importance as a member of our leadership team was reinforced every day. His work with homeless veterans, as well as our residents in recovery from both addictions and mental illness, was exemplary. The problem solving and strategy skills he displayed as part of our management team contributed significantly to the organization’s growth and enhanced reputation. If I was ever in the same position to hire for the same organizational need, Art Adams clearly would be my first choice."
Jim McCormick
"Art Adams knows his stuff. He is compassionate, encouraging, straightforward, and helpful. He explains the struggles of addiction and sin in a way that enlightens both the addict and those who want to help the addict. His weekend with the Brownsburg church was on point and uplifting even though he was dealing with such a difficult topic. The personal and individual help he offers is immense and intense. I am amazed at how much he was willing to wear himself out to help not only the congregation as a whole, but any of the individual members between his speaking times. Art is dedicated to helping those who want by God's grace to get out from under the powerful pull of addictive and obsessive sins. Without making the excuses and providing the self-justifications that can often accompany the addiction, Art gives great instruction for relying on God instead of self while facing down the demons of alcoholism, drug dependency, sexaholism, gambling, over-eating, etc. He uses his immense study in the Bible and of human nature to shine a light on a path for those who want to escape the clutches of addictive sin. His teaching not only helps individuals see what they need to do, but also opens the gate for a congregation to be helpful to those caught in addiction. I highly recommend Art as a teacher, preacher, counselor, and guide to help enlighten you to deal in a more godly and biblical way with addiction."
Edwin Crozier
"Art has both knowledge and the ability to teach it to others in a way that is easily understandable. Art is both Bible-based and concise, with a deep commitment to help those who are currently walking a path that he himself has traveled. The meeting topics were well chosen and extremely helpful to a wide variety of people attending. Art has a great ability to take complex and difficult issues and turn them into easy to understand topics that we can comprehend and apply to our own situation."
Reynaldo Rodriguez
"I first met Art Adams in June 2013. He asked that my husband and I sit in on a session with one of our family members. I was extremely impressed with the manner in which Art conducted the session. His voice alone was very calming, but reassuring in our particular situation. Since that first meeting, my husband and I have been able to bring several people in need, to benefit from Art's counseling. My hope is that Art can touch other lives like he has touched ours."
Suzie Anderson
"I have been both fortunate and pleased to be able to sit in and participate in many of the sessions Art Adams has conducted with both members and non-members of the Church. Art’s success rate seems to be phenomenal! We have had members and non members suffering from depression and anxiety. Art has been able to help these people return to a normal way of life, some after years of living with their difficulties. The most impressive part of these sessions is his ability to tie in scriptures as examples and instructions. Many times I have sat down with him following sessions and discussed his usage of certain scriptures and how appropriate they were in his use. Art has been able to both encourage and chastise, in a kindly manner, to put these individuals on the proper path to recovery."
Bill Anderson
" I have worked with Mr. Art Adams for the past few years in a clinical social work setting. He has special knowledge of social services, human capabilities and motivational techniques that he applies to working with his clients towards wellness. He applies the applications of social work principles and methods that include but not resisted to, counseling using applied theories of psychotherapy of a non medical nature with individuals, families, and groups providing information and referral resources while explaining his methods to each to provide social and health services towards wellness. His strengths lie in mental health, addictions for individual, groups and families.He has my endorsement."
Susan Dockery
"You do excellent work, and I am very thankful for your contributions to the Lord’s work in so many places. Professional information delivered with compassion and from a Biblical perspective — an invaluable resource for brothers and sisters in Christ.”
Jeremy Paschall
"After being stuck in addiction to pornography for the majority of my life, I continued to secretly and quietly spiral downward until I became unfaithful to my wife and family. Even after being confronted with the issue, I still did not internally have the recognition of the problem. Finally when I hit my rock bottom, I realized I could not carry on unless I gave my burden over to Jesus Christ and lived a completely different life, one of purity and openness. The first step for me was going to Faithful & True Men of Valor Workshop by Dr. Mark Laaser. Dr. Laaser and his staff helped guide me to find the deeper problems and the roots that led to my addiction. It is whole-hearted belief that WE HAVE TO ADDRESS OUR OWN PERSONAL ISSUES FIRST, then we can be a new man who our wife would want to be married to. Upon my return, I began working with Art in personal counseling and continued this work. Art has been amazing, helping guide me and work with me to further address my own personal issues and continue to change into the man God wants me to be. While I still have a long ways to go, God has blessed me with the chance to experience the moments, to live in today, and to be emotionally present with my own emotions, my wife, children and friends. I thank God for the chance to go to Faithful &True, for Art and the blessing he's been in my life, and His forgiveness, mercy and grace!"
Mike T.
"I have known art Adams as a therapist, preacher and teacher for over two years. I was referred to him by a friend when at the lowest point of my life suffering from PTSD, Depression and Anxiety/Panic disorder. I credit Art's combined knowledge of the mental health field and the Bible for saving my life, sanity and my soul."
Janice Bogle
"Art Adams was able to bring a combination of powerful truths to bear on some of the most significant personal problems that we face in our age. His seamless transition from the clinical to the Biblical was just what we needed. We decided to have him back just a few months after his initial visit, and he was so well received by the people that his schedule was packed from morning till evening, talking about specific needs in those individual cases. His public presentations were filled with information and motivation, and the impact is still being felt here. Major transformations, repentance, and drastically changed attitudes were seen immediately as well as in the weeks and months that followed his time with us. I wouldn’t hesitate (and haven’t) to recommend Art to any church or group that wants to get the facts and tools needed to combat addictions of all sorts. My only caveat is to prepare the people, help them to appreciate the weight of what will happen when Art comes to you; prepared hearts respond better. It is a privilege to call Art a friend and brother in Christ, and I cherish the work he is doing for the Lord wherever he goes."
Phil Arnold
"The Hebron Lane Church of Christ invited Art Adams to present a series of lectures on the dangers of various addictions several years ago. It was so well done and effective that the church invited him back recently to present another such series. Each time we have been impressed by his ability to show us principles in the Bible which protect us from these dangers if we will apply them, and also his ability to relate those principles to supporting research from the fields of medicine and counseling coupled with his many years of personal counseling experience. I have also referred individuals to Art who found his guidance very helpful. I was able to sit in on several sessions where it was appropriate and I was deeply impressed with the wise, gentle, and firm manner of Art in guiding troubled people to find the right direction."
Phil Arnold
"The mental health lessons given by brother Adams were very beneficial to our congregation and helped to shed light on an ever growing and often misunderstood issue among Christians."
Forrest McMurray
"Although Art is my brother in the flesh and in Christ, I recommend wholeheartedly as one who can deal with the issues he handles with love, compassion, firmness and faith. He is first of all a gospel preacher who loves the Word but in addition he is a skilled counselor who loves people and wants only the best life for them. Share the link and attend the seminar if you can. It will help all leaders in the church to better prepare themselves for helping the hurting."
Stan Adams
North Carolina
"I have heard brother Art Adams preach his Bible based series. His words are insightful, informative, and encouraging. His lessons penetrate deeply into the inner man and expose the hidden works of darkness that may lie and lurk in one's heart (Eph. 5:11; Heb. 4:12). I pray that many will attend and be edified as per Acts 20:32."
Larry Ray Hafley
"As an elder, I recommended we have Art at the Smokey Hill church of Christ in Denver Colorado for a weekend series on addictions. The series was outstanding! We let the community know of this series as well. It was designed to make it profitable for our members but as an outreach to our neighbors. Art's series of lessons not only gave us biblically sound lessons on addictions, but he also provided steps and info on how to overcome these addictions. The info is still on the website. Many members let me know that they learned so much that weekend and hadn't heard of any type of sound biblical lessons like that in the church. Finally, Art made himself available all weekend for private one on one counseling. When Art wasn't preaching, he was helping Christian families who were in need of his biblical based professional help. As a shepherd, leaders need to consider this type of help and teaching for their flock."I have heard brother Art Adams preach his Bible based series. His words are insightful, informative, and encouraging. His lessons penetrate deeply into the inner man and expose the hidden works of darkness that may lie and lurk in one's heart (Eph. 5:11; Heb. 4:12). I pray that many will attend and be edified as per Acts 20:32."
Jim Hawkins
"When the elders at Twin City in College Station invited Art Adams to discuss addictions and disorders with our college group of young Christians, we expected his presentation to be effective and fruitful, and we were not disappointed. He is deeply knowledgeable on so many facets of the dark world of addictions, and similarly capable regarding disorders of behavior and thinking. He could only cover a small portion of his knowledge base in our limited time, but it was clear that he had an even greater depth to plumb when time would allow."
Dick Dabney


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