Today, I’m thankful for my Bible again. Yesterday, in my Bible reading, I was kicked between the eyes with a lesson about one of my own struggles: competition. I needed it. I needed the faithful wound of a friend. God’s Word was and is my friend. I’m thankful that God’s Word doesn’t just always tell me what I want to hear. It tells me what I need. I’m thankful that every time I read it, I see more and learn more. So, I guess I’m also thankful for the Lord’s patience with me. These are lessons I should have learned years ago, but still need to hear them.

My goal today is to keep reading the Bible. Read it again and again. See the lessons I’ve missed. Be reminded of the lessons I’ve known. Then do what it says.

Holy God, thank You for Your Word. Thank You for Your patience. Enlighten my mind’s eye and fill me with knowledge of Your will. I am all Yours today; do with me as You will.

Please, in order to encourage your fellow travelers, share your gratitude, goals, and prayers in the comments below.

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