About the Academy

Christians who struggle with mental health, addictions, and marriage or family issues often reach out to other Christians for help.  It’s common that most of us do not feel equipped to provide the help they need.   We are very excited to provide you with Bible-based tools that can really work to change lives.

The Academy is an educational tool which covers many topics in the mental health and addictions world that impact our church members and their families. 

Under each topic, you will find 10 frequently asked questions and answers. You will also have access to recorded seminars, articles, powerpoints, lessons, and bibliographies on each topic. 

We will be adding topics periodically, as well as, updating and adding materials on each topic so knowledge and research are current.  In addition, we anticipate posting previous articles by our brethren on these subjects. We will be announcing live interactive chats or “go to meeting” invitations so our team can field questions and make comments on various topics of concern.

You can help us by suggesting topics in mental health, addictions or counseling areas that may be helpful for us to provide.  Please, refer brothers and sisters to our site and especially to our forums where they can receive peer support from other Christians in the areas where they may be struggling. 

Our intent is to make this site the “go to” place for help and resources.

Thank you from Leaving the Pit Behind, Inc. and please spread the word about us.

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Academy Rules

1. This site is designed for educational and consultative purposes for church leaders (elders, deacons, teachers, and preachers).

2. The goal is to help equip leaders to carry out their functions with current knowledge and wisdom.  This goal is accomplished by:

  • Access to all power points used in seminar presentations
  • Sermon outlines on topic areas
  • Sermon materials upon request for additional topics of a mental health and/or addiction nature
  • Informational blogs
  • Current articles on identified topic areas
  • Notification of any known recent research materials in the topic areas covered by LTP
  • Consultative services with leaders of specific congregations on topics in the mental health and/or addiction field
  • Links to helpful sites
  • Scripture studies

3. This forum is not meant ever to usurp local autonomy or to be a dumping ground for a congregational matter.  It is intended to provide support, information and clinical consultative services to those in the trenches.  They are the leaders, not LTPB or its’ representatives.