Today, I’m not at all thankful for any sin I’ve ever committed. However, I am thankful that by God’s grace He led me to be honest about my own sinfulness. Before I came to that point, I had to find people who I thought were worse sinners than me and beat them down spiritually so I could feel good about myself. However, when I was able to finally be honest about my own sinfulness with myself, then be honest about it with God, and accept the grace He gives through Jesus, I am now able to lift up others whether they seem more sinful than me or not. Of course, since I’ve been honest, I still haven’t actually found anyone that I thought was more sinful than me. I’m thankful for this today because yesterday, I was following up with a guest to our congregation in hopes to set up a Bible study with him. As we talked, he said he was divorced and the reason he was divorced is because he was gay. Ten years ago, I would have come out guns blazing. Yesterday, I was able to be honest about what we believe and teach on that subject (that we believe the Bible teaches such behavior is sin), but also explain my love for him and continue to try to pursue the Bible study with him. No idea how that will end. But I’m thankful I was at a point I could do that.

My goal today is to take the grace of God’s gospel to everyone no matter their sin.

Almighty God, thank You for the doors You open. Thank You for the opportunities to share Your gospel with others. Help me see everyone through the value You place on them. And that value is Your Son whom You sacrificed for them. Strengthen me to be honest with Your truth, even when it is unpopular. Strengthen me to be loving with Your grace, even when it is unpopular. I am all Yours today; do with me as You will.

Please, in order to encourage your fellow travelers, share your gratitude, goals, and prayers in the comments section below.

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