Today, I’m thankful for fresh starts. It’s a struggle, because I know if I had started 20 years ago, I’d be so much farther along now. But I can start today. As I once read in a John Maxwell book about trees. The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is today. I’m thankful that today can be a fresh start: with personal discipline, spirituality, parenting, husbanding, fight against sin, and on the list goes.

My goal is to let today be a fresh start. Rather than letting yesterday’s failures and successes be a hindrance to today’s work, today will be a fresh start.

Almighty God, thank You for forgiveness. Thank You for the fresh start You give me each day. Thank You for letting me carry my cross one day at a time. I am all Yours today; do with me as You will.

Please, in order to encourage your fellow travelers, share your gratitude, goals, and prayers in the comments below.

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