As I shared in last week’s extended post, I got to study Ezekiel with a bunch of preachers over the weekend. That study makes me very thankful for God’s Holy Spirit. Ezekiel 18:30-31 explains that I need to repent, cast away transgressions, and make for myself a new heart and a new spirit. Well, he actually said Israel needed to do that, but I think there is some application to me. Yet, that seems a daunting task. How am I to accomplish that? Ezekiel comes to the rescue. In Ezekiel 36:26-27, God explains He will provide a new hear and a new spirit, placing His Spirit in me. Wow! Yes, I have to make a new spirit, but I am not alone. God’s Holy Spirit is on my side, working on my behalf, making my work useful. He is working with me, through me, for me. Honestly, I don’t completely know all that means about how the Spirit works. It just comforts me to know I’m not alone in this journey to overcome sin and have victory. Since my partner and captain is God’s Holy Spirit, I know I’m going to win.

My goal today is repent and cast away transgressions. Further, to do so confidently knowing my work at that, even when I fail, will be made useful by the Spirit who is working in me, through me, and for me. Even more, not to get all paralyzed because I can’t quantify how much of this work is me and how much is the Spirit. I’m just going to trust the Spirit is getting His part done, so my part matters.

Holy Father, Thank You for Your Holy Spirit. Thank You for my new heart and new spirit. Lead me in Your everlasting way. Lead me to victory over temptation and sin. Grant me strength and victory. I am all Yours today; do with me as You will.

Please share your gratitude, goals, and prayers in the comments below.

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