Today, I’m thankful for the peace that comes with sobriety. When I’m acting out and caught up in addiction, the stress increases. First, there is the dishonesty. I have to remember what I’m lying about and to whom. Second, there is the fear. Will my wife or kids find the wrong thing on my phone or my computer. However, when I’m sober, all of that goes away. I can leave my phone lying around and my computer on the table with the password already put in. I don’t have to worry that anyone will find anything. When I get one of those stupid scam emails, claiming to have filmed me in compromising situations, I don’t have to fear. I know it is a lie and scam. Peace comes with sobriety.

My goal today is to be sober. I don’t want to act out, no matter what. As they say in the 12-step groups, even if my butt falls off, I don’t need to act out.

Glorious God, thank You for the peace you provide as you give victory over lust, over sin, over addiction. Thank You for my sobriety and my peace. Please, grow sobriety and peace more and more in my heart and life. I am all Yours today; do with me as You please.

In order to encourage your fellow travelers, please, share your gratitude, goals, and prayers in the comments below.

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