Today, I’m thankful not just for books in general, but for one in particular. Leadership and Self-Deception by the Arbinger Institute is one of my favorite books all the way around. If you count the time I listened to it, I’m now reading it for the fourth time. Other than the Bible, the only other books I’ve read this much are The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. I can’t even tell you all the ways this book has reminded me that I’m in the box and how to get out of it (and in the book that metaphor doesn’t mean what we usually mean by it). I highly recommend it.

My goal today is to get out of the box and stay out with as many people as I can. That is, my goal is to stop cutting myself off from other people by objectifying them. Instead, I want to open myself up to them by seeing them and responding to them as actual people. I especially want to do that with my son, with whom I’m having lots of run ins lately.

Holy Father, You have always treated me (and all the world) like valuable treasures. We are not objects to You, but special creations worthy of Your own sacrifice. I am amazed. Thank You for that. Help me to see the people around me in the same way You see me. Help me see them the same way You see them. I am all Yours today; do with me as You will.

In order to encourage your fellow travelers, please share your own gratitude, goals, and prayers for today in the comments section below.

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