Today, I’m thankful for prayer. Nothing pumps me up like prayer. I’m thankful I can always go to God with whatever I’m feeling, even if I’m feeling upset with Him. He listens. I know He does because when I look back over my life I can see responses. I can even see good coming from His negative responses.

My goal today is to pray. I want to pray like my success depends on Him. It does. I want to pray like my victory depends on Him. It does. I want to pray like my life depends on Him. It does.

Gracious God, thank You for listening to my prayer. Thank You for responding. Thank You for letting me pray and always letting me come into your presence with my praises, confessions, worries, concerns, requests. You are the God who hears. Strengthen me to have ears that hear like Yours. I am all Yours today, do with me as You will.

In order to encourage your fellow travelers, please share your own gratitude, goals, prayers for today in the comments section below.

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