Today, I’m thankful for the mid-week Bible study my congregation hosts. What a great day to reconnect with my brothers and sisters. What a great day to get into the Word together with them. What a great day to get a boost and reminder that I am not alone in the fight against the devil. We are fighting together. I can make it today.

My goal today is to ride the wave of my time with my brethren last night. To remember what I learned. To hang on to the encouragement. To live today the way I implied I was going to last night.

God in Heaven, thank You for my church family. Thank You for our times together to worship and study. Thank You for fellow soldiers and fellow workers and fellowship that encourages me to keep hanging in there. Give me the strength the rest of this week to live as we committed to last night.

Please share your gratitudes, goals, and prayers in the comments below.

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