This weekend, I’m thankful for the Bible. I’m thankful God revealed His Word through these written Scriptures. I can read them and understand His will and way. I do not have to be left in the dark. Sure, Bible study is hard and with so many voices declaring what it means, I can get confused at times. However, I can get clarity by spending time in the Word. I love Scripture.

My goal today is to pass on a love for the Scripture. I want to know it so well that I can communicate to you and anyone else who will listen how amazing it is.

Almighty God, thank You for Your Word. Grow in me a love for your Word that pours out and shows whenever I’m talking about it. Help me grow that same love in others for Your Word. I am all Yours today; do with me as You will.

In order to encourage your fellow travelers, please share your gratitude, goals, and prayers for this weekend in the comments section below.

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