This may be shocking. But today, I’m thankful for my computer. I really am shocked by that because in the past, my computer has been the source of so much sorrow, angst, and regret. Certainly, my computer is still a tool that can be used for sin. Obviously, I need to have healthy boundaries and powerful safeguards. However, look at what I’m doing right now. I’m using my computer to receive and provide spiritual support in the face of my battles. It really is a tool. I don’t have to be scared of it. In fact, I’m thankful for it.

My goal today is to use my computer for good, for God’s service, for brotherly support. My goal is to flee wicked use of my computer. My goal is to not be afraid of my computer but rather to see it is as a tool and use it as an instrument of God’s righteousness.

Mighty God, thank You for every blessing great and small. Thank You for redeeming my computer. Strengthen me and guide me to use the tools you have given in ways that glorify You. Further, give me the strength and courage to cut off and throw away every tool that still leads me to sin even if that becomes my computer again someday. I am all Yours today; do with me as You will.

Please, share your gratitude, goals, and prayers in the comments section below.

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