Today, I’m thankful that God gives me enough food. Presently, I’m on a very restrictive diet. Trying to get down quickly to my goal weight. Got a ways to go. However, each day I do get hungry at several points. In those moments, I have to remind myself that God does give me enough. When meal time comes, it is enough. It does provide. I do have enough strength to face the day and make it to the next meal. This just reminds me that God has given me more than enough my whole life. I’ve never been really hungry. Even now, when on this diet I think I’m starving, I’m not. God has given me enough.

My goal today is to give thought to others who will only have enough if those of us who do have enough share. I need to figure out a way to serve and not just “give thought” to it.

Gracious God, You are more than enough. You have given me more than enough. Even if I didn’t have food today, Your grace in Jesus Christ is sufficient. But You have given me food for the day. I am humbled and thankful. I am all Yours today; do with me as You will.

Please share your gratitudes, goals, and prayers in the comments below.

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