Sorry guys. I’m in the middle of a two week preaching trip. I thought I would have time to make posts every day, but the schedule has not been conducive to it. This week is a little less hectic, so I may be able to get posts in every day. If not, just remember I’m thankful all week long and you can still add in each new days gratitude, goals, and prayers in the comments for this post.

This week, I’m thankful for sermons. Not the ones I preach, but the ones I get to listen to. Last week, I was blessed to participate in a lectureship with three other speakers. They all did outstanding jobs and helped me in many ways. It was great to sit at the feet of three other men with three different styles and three different themes. I learned a great deal and was built up tremendously. I’m thankful there are men who spend such time in deep study who can share their learning with me and others.

My goal today is to increase my devotion to study, preparation, and proclamation. I want to be able to pass on the same kind of help and strength I receive from others.

Almighty God, may my preaching be about You. May it bring You the greatest glory. Open my heart and mind to the proclamation of Your Word. Give me opportunities to hear Your Word proclaimed. Then let it sink deep in my heart to grow fruit for Your glory, not mine. I am all Yours today; do with me as You will.

Please, in order to encourage your fellow travelers, share your gratitude, goals, and prayers in the comments below.

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