Right now, I’m on a diet (I know it is really supposed to be a lifestyle change, but it feels like a diet). It is very restrictive. And because I’m trying to lose weight, I get hungry. In those moments, I begin to feel like there just isn’t enough. But in a few moments, my breakfast will be fixed and then later my lunch and later my dinner. Even though I have some cravings and I do feel hunger sometimes throughout the day, what I am reminded of every day is I actually have enough. God is providing for me. I have enough food. I’m thankful for that today. Even when I feel hungry, I’m thankful to know I have enough.

My goal today is to stick to my food plan for the day. It is different. It is difficult at times. But I’ve had enough and more than enough every day of this dietary change. I don’t need more than I’m getting. I’m going to stick with today’s plan.

Gracious Father, You are more than enough. You have given me more than enough. Thank You for enough. I am all Yours today. Do with me as You will.

Please, share your gratitudes, goals, and prayers in the comments section below.

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