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      Immodesty and provocation abounds all year, but particularly in the summer season. It will not go away, so we must learn to deal with it and not be caught up in behaving like the world. How? 1) Avoid places and things that are strong temptations; 2) Put blocks in our mind to help keep thoughts pure; 3) Diversions can help by having an arsenal of “instead ofs” to keep us busy; 4) Thought stopping can help by replacing a bad thought with a good one; 5) Develop some mantras such as scriptures that guard us or our thoughts like “there goes someone’s daughter/wife”. 6) Rejoice in the wife of thy youth. 7) Guard our homes so they are an oasis in the storms of life. Make it pleasant to be in your home. Anger is the #1 reason many chase after “greener pastures” and fantasy.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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