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      As I read back through the previous week’s posts, I began to notice a theme that ran through my journaling on each day’s reading – various gifts God has given me to help me face the daily reality of anxiety. His secure boundaries, His call to deeper intimacy, His bountiful mercies, His enduring goodness, and His faithful people – all of these are vital tools for me to enter into and engage with each day effectively. It has helped me appreciate them all the more seeing them all together in this week’s posts and has stirred in me the desire to acknowledge them on a more consistent basis.

      So this week’s reflection suggestion is to look back on the things you have written so far, whether over the last week or even back to the beginning of the plan. Do you see any themes running through your writing? Are there encouragements that you recognized on specific days that can help if brought to mind more often? Or maybe you see some areas of discouragement or doubt that keep popping up. What kind of steps might you take to better address these things?

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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