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      Psalm 119:49-56 (NKJV)

      Remember the word to Your servant,
      Upon which You have caused me to hope.
      This is my comfort in my affliction,
      For Your word has given me life.
      The proud have me in great derision,
      Yet I do not turn aside from Your law.
      I remember Your judgments of old, O Lord,
      And have comforted myself.
      Indignation has taken hold of me
      Because of the wicked, who forsake Your law.
      Your statutes have been my songs
      In the house of my pilgrimage.
      I remember Your name in the night, O Lord,
      And I keep Your law.
      This has become mine,
      Because I kept Your precepts.

      All of us will have difficult times. All of us have struggles that we must face/endure. Maybe you’re in one of those times right now? I know I’ve been having a hard time with some things lately. Comfort, hope, and life sound pretty good at the moment. But even as I say that, I have to admit that I way too often fail to go looking for it in the right place. There is this weird thing that seems to happen for me. I can speak about the life that God’s word offers us in the hypothetical, can even point someone else to words of hope and comfort when they are struggling. I have had the good fortune to find a number of sources (in person and online) that, to varying degrees, provide spiritual insight and encouragement for difficult situations and seasons. But when I am struggling, in the moment, I can find myself at a loss as I stare down at my open Bible.

      Maybe that is why I have been so appreciating the psalmist’s continual refrain of intimacy with God’s word and thus with God Himself. It is an intimacy that is rooted in, but not limited to, knowledge. It is an intimacy that has learned, lived, and loved the statutes that have become his anchor and lifeline. It is an intimacy that has embraced God’s law as the music that fills his days, that is quick to remembrance in his nights. It is an intimacy that carries with it the absolute certainty of belonging, of ownership of something great and beautiful. God’s word is not simply a reference guide for how to get through this life; it is the voice of my God speaking life into me. So I go into this night and the day beyond with a renewed determination to step into the divine arms that wait so steadily for me, to find the rest that only He can provide. And I pray that I will continue to find the comfort, hope, and life He offers freely on the pages of my open Bible.

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