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      Psalm 119:1-8 (NKJV)
      Blessed are the undefiled in the way,
      Who walk in the law of the Lord!
      Blessed are those who keep His testimonies,
      Who seek Him with the whole heart!
      They also do no iniquity;
      They walk in His ways.
      You have commanded us
      To keep Your precepts diligently.
      Oh, that my ways were directed
      To keep Your statutes!
      Then I would not be ashamed,
      When I look into all Your commandments.
      I will praise You with uprightness of heart,
      When I learn Your righteous judgments.
      I will keep Your statutes;
      Oh, do not forsake me utterly!

      This psalm is a long reflection on the writer’s relationship with the holy scriptures and thus with God. An interesting thing about the structure of this psalm is that it was written as an acrostic (22 sections corresponding in order with the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet), allowing for easier memorization. The invitation is there in the words of the psalm itself – the call to write these words on your heart and thus be guided by them. And when we look at this first section, we see the psalmist’s given ‘why’ – the more we are guided and molded by God’s word, the more we will find blessing and leave behind shame.

      As the voice of anxiety speaks into our lives – in the softest of whispers or the loudest of yells – it takes on the ring of truth. But we have God’s Truth, God’s voice, to answer those worries, threats, or lies and to fill our hearts with His beauty and grace and direction. This is a vital, a foundational piece for fighting anxiety because we have the word of the Ultimate Authority, the One who will never lie, that tells us that we are worth the effort, that there is hope to be found, that we need not walk through the struggles of this life alone, that there is rest to be found in Him.

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