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      Ugg! A day off and now the scurry of fixing picnic, packing, check lists, wondering who will be there, did we bring enough, will ___ be there, who gets talked about this year, what do I talk about, will I have an anxiety attack and the long drive back home. Is this your idea of fun? How is it with you today? Anticipatory anxiety – beyond being uncomfortable in social settings can strike today. Here’s a few thoughts to help: 1) everything will work out; 2)just a few questions can keep up my end of the conversation since I know folks like to talk about themselves…let them entertain me; 3) go in with an exit strategy so you can leave instead of feeling trapped for the duration; 4) Develop an offensive strategy so you don’t feel attacked; 5) leave while you are still having a good time. Afterall, it will all be over by tomorrow! Enjoy today!

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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