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    artadamsArt Adams

      Holidays…family gathering times…reminders of others. Holiday blues can crush in on us today as we think of past times – good or bad, fussing on the way to see family, fake faces, trying hard to make a good time, knowing something is not right, sourpuss mate with no explanation but lots of grouching…sound familiar. Yes, past times with their pains. Now, it might be a reminder that single/separated I feel like I don’t fit anymore…uncomfortable around those who try to include me, knowing that I’m faking it just to get through the day… sound familiar? That was me in times past, but now there has evolved a new me: having learned to have fun in the day, enjoying the simple things, comfortable in my own skin now, can be included or excluded and it doesn’t have to have a negative interpretation that hurts my feelings. These things come with time. Can’t say it’s been fun for me to get to know me, but it certainly has taken me to a new outlook and to be thankful for who I am today. Where are you on your journey from Betrayal?

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