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    I have no kids and won’t be having any so I am not sure if I have much to offer but my idea. There may be others who are more able to help. What I would suggest is first and foremost, show what love between a husband and wife should look like. Intimacy, kissing, hugging, treating each other like one flesh. Kids need to see that and I am convinced that that is part of the problem with kids growing up in the church is that they aren’t seeing “Song of Solomon” marriage… Strong love acted out and verbalized so when the kid grows up they only see superficial love all around them.

    As far as pornography goes, communication is so important also. When you start into pornography there is a sense of excitement at the unknown but also there is shame and guilt about doing something you know is wrong. When you have that guilt you feel you can’t turn to anyone because you will be judged a “pervert” or disgusting which only worsens the problem. Make it clear as they grow up that while sin is wrong, the home is a place where they can feel safe to admit problems and struggles without fear of being labeled. Does that make sense?