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    Thanks for all your honesty and evaluation. A perspective shift that has helped me.

    I used to think, “If I’m ever going to make it to heaven, I have to quit porn.” The problem is every time I failed was a reason to give up entirely because it made me think I would never make it, why bother trying. Then I had a perspective shift. I’m a Christian. I have been saved by the blood and grace of Jesus. I am going to heaven. I am not going to heaven if I get perfect between now and the day I die. I’m going to heaven. Jesus bought me, paid for me, and is conforming me to His image. He is going to get me there.

    Now I think, “I”m going to heaven, I don’t need porn.”

    I’m not saying there is no more battle. I’m not saying I never stumble. But stumbles don’t have the destructive power they used to have.

    Place this in the “for what it’s worth” file.