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    The first step in Alcoholics Anonymous (or any of the other branches) is to admit that we are powerless over our addiction. That has been and IS one of my problems. I’m a man and I don’t like to admit I don’t have control. I can handle it all on my own. But I can’t, and you can’t. When we come to that realization we change our mindset to accepting that we need help and we start looking up to God instead of inside of ourselves.

    Change things up. Pick up a hobby that you can do when you are feeling bored… model cars, gardening (although that’s hard at night!), something you enjoy. Pornography becomes an addiction and when you start removing that out of your life you have to replace it with something. Another thing that would help is to find scriptures that encourage you in this journey, write them down and read them every morning. Carry them with you during the day. When you are struggling, look at them.

    The biggest thing, to me, is to have a game plan. You said “I must wear my armor” and that is true! But what is also true is that you don’t go into a battle unless you have a game plan. Determine ahead of time what it is that you will do when you start feeling that way, and you see temptation creeping up to your door. Joseph didn’t wait until Potipher’s wife was coming on to him what he would do. He knew ahead of time… so must we.

    I’m struggling through this life as well, and I pray you have much success in this battle.