How We Began

Leaving the Pit Behind began when an individual with a servant’s heart discovered that there was a need that was not being met.

Art Adams was that individual. He presented lectures to numerous congregations for several years and discovered a discouraging pattern. Members would come to worship services hurting, but would also leave still hurting.

In 2015 Art Adams met with Dan Barker, and together they formed a partnership called Leaving The Pit. The named is based on the passage Psalm 40:1-3 where the biblical character David describes being in a slimy pit. Likewise, our brethren get into slimy pits of anxiety, depression, and addictive habits and need assistance. The leadership of congregations are asked difficult questions about mental and addiction issues and struggle with providing answers. Art and Dan wanted to provide them with tools to answer these difficult questions.

Today with the help of many volunteers with dedicated hearts, seminars and retreats on numerous topics have been presented in eight states in the US. Brethren from various states have traveled to these seminars and retreats to gain the knowledge to help their brethren back home. Leaving the Pit Behind has traveled and provided services to Cullman, Alabama; Tampa, Florida; and Houston, Texas and hope to travel to other locations to serve Christians.